Welcome to Soma Retreats

The one week retreats with Katharina are life changing!

The retreats are designed for people

 who are ready for changes in their lives,

for all those who....

... would like to be charge or their own lives

... want to rediscover their creativity and replace reactivity

... realize they deserve better and more abundance on all levels

... know deep inside that life is an adventure and not a prison

... are ready to claim their happiness and freedom

... want to (re)discover their true potential and power.

... suffer from any kind of burn-out

... are ready to create health instead of illness

... feel ready for life changing actions

Looking for a new career? Or something new to integrate in your life and work? Katharina now offers a 3 Module education to become a certified:

Soma Soul Mandala Practitioner


Flower Healing Power Practitioner

The new Retreat Center

It all started with an introduction in March 2016. I was introduced to the founder of the Chiang Rai 'Tourism Council' and he invited me to do a presentation to the invited hotel owners from the region in his new hotel in Chiang Khong.

Dr. A was confident to bring the hoteliers together to create a ambiance of sharing and helping each other with the increasing tourist stream coming from the ASEAN countries. He said that he does not wan to make the same mistakes that happened in Chiang Mai. This city that was a beautiful place but grew so fast, that the traffic is soon Bangkok like and the good air gone. I moved away from Chiang Mai 10 years ago and it's hard to recognize it!

Dr. A wants to make Chiang Rai to a place of education, his new 'Tourism Council' Center in town is called "Think-in" and will offer many educational events, including my weekend workshops and some evening inspirations, which are introduction to some powerful topics, and when I do them, I will include a sound bath, a powerful meditation with my crystal singing bowls.

The beautiful new Retreat Center in Chiang Khong

Our Vision

The SOMA retreats help you find your life purpose and grow into your authentic space. You are empowered to discover use your inner and outer abundance to create the life you dream of. 

SOMA retreats offer purification and healing on all levels with Crystal singing bowl sound, Nada Yoga, Flower Essences, the expression of our inner landscape through Mandalas, meditation, physical, mental and emotional detox programs to delete sabotage programs and neutralize shock, trauma and fear energy. Through the celebration of life we change the frequency and therefore what we attract, according to the law of attraction.

This experience will be leading to an expansion into multidimensional consciousness and a new deep understanding of what matters.

It is Katharina's aim to serve, acknowledging every thing in life as a whole and to transcend the vision of each participant to a holistic world comprehension, leading to a fulfilled, creative, happy and healthy life. 

In the Soma Retreats the Mandala and Flower Essence workshops are very popular because people have a chance to truly rediscover their unique, creativeSELF


The one week session with Kathrina was an eye-opener. Definitely not something I had expected nor foreseen.
She had logical answers to almost anything and was one of the best teachers I've ever had. The sessions were intensive - starting with educational, empowering, inspiring, exhilarating and very memorable.
I went to the retreat as an exhausted, jaded and lost individual, unsure of my next step in my career and returned feeling rejuvenated and 'awakened'. No words can describe how powerful these lessons were. You have to experience it yourself!
The Skyview Astrology session with her was something which no other astrologer had managed to do for me. It gave me all the clarity I needed; all the answers I'd been looking for half of my life.
Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family, especially the women. I've already made plans to return and learn new things from Kathrina in a few months' time.

R. S. Singapore

Katharina Bless?

On my long spiritual journey I have been involved in many ways of learning and teaching. From esoteric psychology to ancient wisdom, from native teachings of indigenous tribes to homoeopathy and other subtle remedies, I've have learned from all of them, friends, family, teachers, people on the street and enemies. Now I have to say that I and am deeply grateful that it was possible to embark such a journey.

Now life is more quiet, I love that I have time for my creativity, my paintings, music and looking back on the creation of the two centers I was able to build, these were incredible milestone on my path. Each time to move on was difficult and it felt like I left part of me behind. But life is not about standing still, but to incorporate the experience and teaching of the things we encounter and manifest to be free to create and experience something new.

In the coming season 16/17 I will teach again workshops and retreats in Chiang Rai and am honoured to be an official advisor to the Tourist Council of Chiang Rai.

The beautiful Nakaraj Nakhon Hotel Chiang Khong is the new place. Have a look at all the pictures that are posted new on this page and on the schedule and retreat overview page.

Soma Retreats have a new home!


I have nothing to do with, and don't teach workshops at Tania's place which is now called Museflower Retreat and Spa.

Created by Katharina Bless