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with Katharina Bless


Liberation Code

Liberation Code

A summary of an article from Werner Neuner, Austria

Translated from German into English by Katharina Bless

On September 27 a crop circle appeared in Brazil and the crop circle researcher A. J. Gevaerd went to check it out for it's authenticity. He came to the conclusion that there could have no human manipulations be involved and went out for lunch. After 2 hours when he came back, he discovered to his astonishment that there was a huge number 43 added. He went out and asked the people in the area if there was anyone here in the last few hours and they all said that they have not seen anyone. There where no footprints or other signs of human presence to find in the field.

Katharina' comment: It needs some explanation to understand the meaning of the message of crop circle. The image with the Flower of Life has 6 petals and a center, which is also a 7 inside. If you add the symbols of the Sun (on top) and what I suspect is that the left side is representing the stars and the bigger right circle the moon) which is a number 3, this adds up to 9 which is ending / completion with the flower of life, but if you use the 7 components it adds up to 10 which is the transformation number, the shift and change with the 0, the announcement of a new reality. On this day, the Sun was in conjunction with Jupiter, there is no trigonal constellation from the sun… but from the moon to Mars and to Uranus. So I am not sure if the 3 circles on the outer ring correlate to t

The Liberation Code

43 61 104

If we could see the Matrix of our reality of the whole universe, we would see an gigantic interplay of combinations of numbers. However, since we are thinking in pictures and perceive with feelings, we do not see this matrix but only the things created by the matrix like the table, tree, bodies etc. which are results of the matrix codes.

If we were able to recognize the matrix, we could see that there are two “gaps” in the matrix of dense matter at 43 and 61. These are the “worm- holes” where we can find gates into freedom, liberation areas of the universe. Here the fixed patterns are dissolved.

Both number sum up to 7 ( 3+4 and also 6+1=7) It is even more surprising that when you look at the image above, there seems to be a huge 7 in a red-brown tinge.

This liberation or exemption code is especially recommended if your problems are turning in your head like a carousel and you can not sleep at night. You can interrupt such constantly circling thoughts. Just think of the number code 43 61 104 several times as a mantra. This simple exercise is extremely effective!

Scientific background:

Each Atom has a “ordinal number” in the chemical “periodic system: which indicates how many protons this atom possesses in its nucleus. The atoms with the number from 1 to 82 are stable and build up the material reality. There are, however, two “holes” the 43 (technetium) and 61 (promethium) which are unstable and disintegrate within a relatively short time, leaving a tiny open space in the matrix

A special experience:

During a stay on the island of Hvar in Croatia we did some tests with the exemption code 43 61 104. This gave us an idea:

What happens if we create this code in a stone circle? With an inner circle with 43 stones and an outer one with 61 stones?

We made have these two circles in the middle of the island (it is almost 68 km long). The effect was astonishing!

The liberating force was built in a wave like form only inside the two circles within 10 to 15 minutes. After that, it was also gradually measurable outside (measurements with the dowsing rod). After about 25 minutes, the energy had stretched so far that we could no longer measure where the effect ends.

We drove across the island and could measure the power of this liberation energy everywhere, everywhere except in one place: At the walls of a Catholic cemetery, it ended abruptly! We went inside of this cemetery and rebuilt the two circles with 104 crystal spikes. Once again, we could observe the same development of the liberation code, first in the interior and then gradually covering the entire environment.

How to make it:

To make such a circle, start with the inner circle and use 43 dark stones. If possible simple stones you can find where you live. Lay out this first circle counterclockwise.

The outer circle is made from 61 white stones and this one is arranged clockwise.

Put some stones to mark the directions: east, south, west, north to align the circle with the magnetic field of mother earth.

You can also sit in the center of the two circles and many experienced that emotional and mental blockages have been removed which can lead to a powerful and liberating experience which can last for several days.

You can put between the two circles pendants, rings, stones etc. to charge them with this energy. Make sure you don't use any religious symbols like crosses, pictures of angels or saints.

You can also put some stones and charge them with the energy a

This morning of the October Full Moon I made the circle and I'm grateful that a friend told me she got dizzy, because I had the hardest time to not faint for some time and had to go to sit down and drink water... but I think it's because I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I usually eat late breakfast and dinner... so today it was difficult.

I did the circle, its not a very big one, because I could not get bigger stones ... for now. I put a circle of flower in the center, two times 7, each the sum of 43 and 61, which is 14, corresponding to the 104 of the total sum.
Now let's see how things go.

One friend asked me if it would work under a massage table to relax the people she is working with. I guess it can be done and even much smaller with pebbles. If you want to try, I recommend that you do it in a round tray.

What I feel is that every body can do that in a tray, preferably wooden tray and not plastic, and keep it in the house/apartment to change the energies.

It will help to clear away the illusions from the matrix, to see and feel more clear and be able to slowly move beyond boundaries of old belief systems, habits etc.

I would be grateful for feed backs if you do it, so I can post them here for all to learn and experience.

Katharina Bless