The Secret of the Abundance Box

The Seven Keys to Reclaim your Power

An easy and powerful Guide to 
create the life we desire
By Katharina Bless

Are you ready to:
- start creating your life in the consciousness of abundance?
- look at things with a different approach?
- take back your power?
- take over response-ability for all your creation?
- learn about the law of creation to succeed?
- let go of the old and limiting programs?
-to look at life as an adventure and experience to evolve?

the secret of the abundance box can help you to create your life anew

The Seven (7) keys to reclaim your personal Power

1. Reclaim knowledge that leads to your personal Power!
We are the creation of the imagination of ourselves and powerful beyond our wildest dream!
2. Rhythm is the basic of all materialized life!
3. The abundance Box
Our thoughts are very fast and often not very clear. Another main reason why many people have chaotic and unsatisfactory lives is because of change of mind too fast! If you start to work with the Abundance Box, you are forced to clearly visualize what you want and write it down. 
4. The recipe: How do we work with the Abundance Box?
5. Gratitude is the Attitude that changes everything!
6. It’s easy to manifest if you know what you want!
7. Change the way you look at things – and the things you look
at will change!

In the workshop we also use Symbols who help us to open a way to a new life of creativity, independence and abundance on all levels.

In our Abundance Workshop  you learn how to:
- create Abundance on all levels
- remove sabotage programs which prevent you from success
reverse interfering programs
- find out what you really want
- create wellbeing and independence
- regain personal power and freedom

 In this one week workshop you learn every thing about manifestation and creating a new life. We also use sound meditation, Nada Yoga and visible expressions to interpret and find the hidden messages in Mandalas. It’s a powerful journey towards yourself, to understand better what you want to do and who you are in this life time!

This workshop also includes an introductions the Ingmar Symbols which are channeled from Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus constellation. Did you know that we create our world with our thoughts, emotions and words... we create/reinforce the spell of dependency and lack in our daily lives if we succumb to the negative emotions. If we understand the power of words we can create a different reality. In this workshop we create an individual abundance box and start to work with our inborn power.

Thank you for reminding about my Abundance Box.
I had prepared my own Abundance Box and kept it there since Feb. I had found the new apartment as I wished almost exactly as i had described it just in time by end of March and then I wish to have health, and I got health, Thanks to my Angel, and the biggest wish I made about the ITC, I thought it wouldn't materialize the way I wished it, but miraculously, NOW, that wish seems to materialize exactly the way I had wished it, although 6 months late as I had expected.
I can testify the power of the Abundance Box from my own experience!
Thanks and thanks for all the sustenance all these years!! ~ S.K.K, Vietnam

Created by Katharina Bless