SkyView Astrology

Applying the REAL Star Constellations
to your Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution
....... 28º too far

by Katharina Bless

Did you know that the Tropical/Western Astrology commonly used today is inaccurate to the extent of 28º and not in alignment with the real Star Constellations?

This information astounded and confused me for many years and I was not sure what I should make of Astrology when I first found out. It became clear to me why it hadn’t made sense and I tried several methods such as the 90º circle or half sums in my attempt to find accurate results and make some sense of it.

It was most frustrating as I began losing faith in astrology although deep down I knew that it was a profound science. What was missing? It was at this time in 1993 the SkyView Astrology Program “found me” literally in a miraculous way. I had already moved to Thailand and it happened that a friend had to pick up something from the house I had left a year earlier; she arrived just as the mailman was delivering an envelope with the announcement of the SkyView Program so she sent it to me. What I read made perfect sense and I immediately ordered the computer program that enabled me to work with it without delay. Very soon I was completely immersed and fascinated by this old/new method. Every thing just fell into place and finally was clear. While researching progression charts, it was like looking through a magnifying glass and I completely understood why certain things happened at a particular time. SkyView Astrology, using the correct Star constellations IS truly ASTROLOGY, showing the incredibly wise and perfect guidance from the stars!

A very important lesson I learned is connected with the SkyView Astrology! Every thing has a rhythm. You can't interrupt it. It's the time quality that matters and people have no idea about it this is why they are so vulnerable.

E.g. in our life we have about 10+ "death gates" as I call it. It is not possible to die just some time… and so it is also for other things. Often outside people see the situation different and also can see through it, like me here with Tania too… but she has started something and it will take a natural rhythm to come to the "death gates" to let go. These gates are for every thing in our lives! We start something on a certain time/moment in our lives and then a rhythm unfolds. There are always possibilities to step out when these gate appear and sometimes we have to wait longer, they are not a specific time, but connected with the alignment with certain "energies" we could say.

We can say that in the moment we have a huge "death gate" for people, that is connected to the planet and each of us who has a similar constellation has the great chance to let to of old attachments and move on. If we don't we'll go under with the light destroying "attachments". You can compare it to falling into the sea and each negative/life threatening burden that we don't let go is a stone attached that will eventually lead to our death if we don't let go…. we literally drown….. It is not easy, but I also know that we can't change…neither we nor the others… we can try as hard as we want. This might be a bitter lesson, but we can only save ourselves! But if we stay in the light and save ourselves we change the hologram… and with this change we change the world and the solar system and all that is in this hologram, even those we have to let go first!!

click for more info:The significant difference between SkyView and Western/Tropical Astrology

You can find more information on my blog pages, where I write a moon reading every Full and Dark Moon, a reading about the time quality of the present moon constellation.

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I now have much more clear direction and my life seems more balanced since you explained my situation to me.
 Many thanks again!     Sandra, USA

I just read the full moon reading you wrote for October 8th and I feel so empowered, energized and stimulated. Not sure if you remember me Katharina, but I wrote to you over a year ago when my life was unfolding with the loss of my dog, my partner and almost my home. You have helped me in ways that no one has with your readings. Now after reading this last one, I just want to say "That's right Jurina, take your power back and move through that brick wall". I feel like that volcanic fire coming out of the ocean, after all I am a Pisces sun sign. Thank you once again Katharina. Many blessings to you now and always. You are truly a gift and you have no problems showing or sharing it.
Peace, Jurina

Your post yesterday was mind-blowing! Even more interesting, after re-reading it again this morning! And this week, I have felt that my hand has been held and that I'm being shown many things. Most importantly, I feel I'm being shown that I am changing, but that I do not need to be afraid of this. I am safe and protected. There have been some times this week where things have not looked very bright or positive, but I still feel that sense that I'm not alone and that everything is as it is meant to be. Honestly, I have been experiencing some physical sensations and having vivid dreams about letting go of old programs. Very personal dreams that would normally cause me so much upset, but I wake up in stillness and have a sense that it's all okay. I feel like I'm slowing down (calmer), and my head is often tingling (like right now).
I feel now (and surprisingly on a physical level, too, for the first time), that this is profoundly changing! I am starting to feel limitless!  Erin N., Canada

Grand Cross in SkyView perspective on 23 April 2014

Again, you continue to create clarity with all of this energy surrounding us. You help to make things clear in these trying times Katharina. Your knowledge and what you tap into helps me understand where we are and where I’m at. Thank you. Many blessings to you and all. Namaste to you and others as well. Many blessings.


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Created by Katharina Bless