Applying the REAL Star Constellations
to your Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution
....... 28º too far

by Katharina Bless

Did you know that the Tropical/Western Astrology commonly used today is inaccurate to the extent of 28º and not in alignment with the real Star Constellations?

This information astounded and confused me for many years and I was not sure what I should make of Astrology when I first found out. It became clear to me why it hadn’t made sense and I tried several methods such as the 90º circle or half sums in my attempt to find accurate results and make some sense of it.

It was most frustrating as I began losing faith in astrology although deep down I knew that it was a profound science. What was missing? It was at this time in 1993 the SkyView Astrology Program “found me” literally in a miraculous way. I had already moved to Thailand and it happened that a friend had to pick up something from the house I had left a year earlier; she arrived just as the mailman was delivering an envelope with the announcement of the SkyView Program so she sent it to me. What I read made perfect sense and I immediately ordered the computer program that enabled me to work with it without delay. Very soon I was completely immersed and fascinated by this old/new method. Every thing just fell into place and finally was clear. While researching progression charts, it was like looking through a magnifying glass and I completely understood why certain things happened at a particular time. SkyView Astrology, using the correct Star constellations IS truly ASTROLOGY, showing the incredibly wise and perfect guidance from the stars!

Created by Katharina Bless