The time for Ascension has come!

The time has come and we are fast approaching the great solar event which is also called harvest or ascension. Those who have chosen to be here in this special time have to awaken to the truth now. It was hidden so long time for humanity to see. But now it's all out there. You can find the truth "hidden in the open" in movies, in text and lyric, in music and everywhere you look. But we have been brainwashed for so long time, that it's difficult to "see" what is real and what is not. It mostly has been ridiculed and especially the insiders who came out with information have been discredited, lost their jobs and even died suspicious death.
Disclosure is happening, the lies are coming to the surface and we have to be ready for much more. Full disclosure is coming... be ready.

It is very arrogant to think we are the only intelligent living human beings. There are so many planets that sustain life as grains of sand on our Mother Earth. There is life our there and some is much more evolved as ours, some benevolent... some malevolent.

As above... so below

After a series of initiations, new information and awakening, Kitha has started to create retreats and workshop for the


to help them to get ready for ascension. Our Solar system has moved into the Phone Belt or cloud as some say, and the energies are shifting massively. We are literally "fried" and what is happening has nothing to do with Global Warming, is also not caused by human made pollution as they want us to belief to feel bad and guilty. But we definitely are polluted in our mental- and emotional bodies which is mirrored in the outside material world.

Time has come to stand up and as Lord Buddha said:

"Working hands are more holy than praying hands"

So, what can we do?

We have to understand who we really are, find our authentic root and comprehend why we are here to be able to act. As long as we belief in the brainwash of not being good enough, not having enough etc. there is no way out. We need to find our true power source and the connection with the whole this will enable us to start to act accordingly.

We are only as powerful as we believe we are!

We can only see what we believe... and it's time to expand this belief-system and move the boundaries of limitations and dogma. See more....

Winter Program 17/18 is all about Awakening and reconnection with our Highest Self

In this season Kitha will focus all her workshops and retreats on the awakening of the Star Seed Consciousness. No matter which approach you chose, we can say that all these retreats are like roads leading to the same goal:

Finding the true heritage of who you are!

To be able to get there, we use tools like meditation, sound, mandalas, colours etc. For your personal journey it is very supportive to chose the tool that you connect with most. If you have a resistance to something, it will be more difficult. But, for example, if you love to play with colours and express visually, Mandalas are a perfect path to for you. Feel into the programs and listen to what your heart wants. There are many roads leading to the same goal: but one thing they all have in common: it's the path of the heart. The path of joy, creativity, passion and compassion; the path of loving what you are doing.

Created by Katharina Bless