with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Rise anew like a Butterfly extraordinary Journey which will change your life
and give you back your creative power!

Are you tired of a life that holds you back from the true  YOU?
Or physically tired all the time and suffering from Burn-Out symptoms?
Do you suffer from lack of Self Esteem?
Do you want to get on a new track?

If you are ready to
- “to take off”?
- take back your true power?
- to be successful
- to love again
- to find your True Self?
- ready to consciously creating your own life and success?
- leave things behind that didn’t serve you

We are Divine Beings having a human experience and not human beings having to worship someone outside of us. The Awakening of the Inner Divine presence, the inner Goddess/God is the prerequisite to be able to create the life we are meant to live; to make our dreams come true and fulfill our true life purpose!

Sadly, a caterpillar sat beside a cocoon. It was crying.
After a while, a beautiful butterfly rose out of the cocoon and unfolded his colorful wings.
He saw the caterpillar and asked him: “Why do you weep, my friend?”
The caterpillar said: “My best friend died in this cocoon, why should I not weep and be sad?”
The butterfly turned around and showed him his beautiful open wings and said: “My friend, I didn’t die, I live again and look how beautiful I’ve become”.

Now You have to decide which ending you prefer in this little story – or in your life:

Either: But the caterpillar didn’t understand the transformation that had taken place and sadly went his way.
Or: The caterpillar was overjoyed and so happy to know that one day he will also turn into a beautiful butterfly!

It’s time for a new life! We all are in a state of transformation and this retreat will help you to accelerate and complete the process to move into a new dimension of being-ness.

The transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly is one of the most symbolic topic for this time. If you want to live a life without all the fears of the past, you have to cross that threshold understanding where the fear and lack of self esteem is coming from.
Getting prepared for  a new life, we have to shed the old skins and learn to live in a different reality. There we understand again, that what ever we do has an impact on every thing that is! Eventually all we do is only between  our selves and OUR SELF, the creator consciousness within us.
To be able to understand and realize this, we have to find the old and stuck programs and delete them to be able to emerge from the cocoon.
The changes of the view, the whole perspective of life, the transformation from the caterpillar into the butterfly is the best comparison!
No more crawling ~ Flying is our goal!

Testimonial: A journey through heaven and hell, laughters and tears, sunshine and shadow, life and dying, love and intense rage, ecstasy and melancholy, hope and despair. I have to say: an adventure of the soul not for the faint-hearted!  A.W HK

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Katharina Bless