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Dark Moon 30 August 2019

A ring of fire, a time of break through!

by Katharina Bless


When I saw this chart, I spontaneously remembered one of my favoured song from Johnny Cash in the 70's: The Ring of Fire"..... ”Love is a burning thing… and it makes a fiery ring….” The song is a good metaphor. Are we burning out or is the fire just the energy we need to move on? Is it the love that drives us? Can we find it inside again and let it burn away what does not belong or does the world have to  burn around us?  ( )

There is an emotional fire within the people and out there in the world! It is all around us, on all levels. The world is showing us that we are literally on fire. There is no way to escape it.

If you look at the figures on the right side of the chart, you might not be too surprised that there is a lot of fire out there… forests burning and I am watching this week the 5G summit that has a lot of “burning” information. If you have a chance, I recommend you to join (free) and if you want to have access to all the info, you pay a very small fee for such powerful info. Click on this link to go there:

5 planets in Leo, two in Sagittarius and one in Aries. Wow… this is really powerful and what is the great news about this chart are the trines from Uranus to all the planets in Leo. They indicate that retrograde Uranus is really shaking people awake.

As I can see in this summit, there is a lot of powerful and professional information. This shows the big awakening of humanity, just imagine the energy that goes out from such a summit into the whole world. All the work and the thoughts involved are not just simple “wasted energy” as someone totally ignorant pointed out to me… it's not about conspiracy theories… as the word indicates “theories”, these professionals talk about facts, studies and research. 

It is significant that this summit is happening now, in the week of this dark moon. The Uranian forces are retrograde, that means that there will not be a “bomb” effect in the outside, an explosion in a material building, but there is a bomb dropping within our consciousness and our old buildings of habits and beliefs are crashing.

It you are aware of it or not, this does not matter. What matters now is that it happens in the whole world and that another powerful consciousness shift is happening.

The two squares to Jupiter also show that things that want to expand fast, are being slowed down. They are not able to “take off” because there is too much resistance and ambiguity. Since there are not enough “read” data visible, people are confused and uncertain to what they should or should not agree.

As you might know is that Microcosm = Macrocosm and what is happening in the small cell of a body, for example, is happening in the whole body. This also means that what is being discovered by only a few, will have an impact on all.

Therefore I am really happy that this constellation is so clear. Even though the (orange) karmic aspect is indicating that we are still “under attack”, if we know it we can do something to protect ourselves.

I guess one of the most important messages of this chart is that we all are “kings and queens” and we don't need to crawl and beg. If you are aware that you are a divine being having a human experience, you can stand up and boldly refuse to play the game. The more people stand together, in little or bigger communities, villages, clubs etc. and start to act, those few who are in control will not succeed. It might have been the money that brought us here, but it is our love for the planet, the compassion and passion of the soul that will get us out of this situation.

It's now the time… there is no way to sleep anymore or be ignorant. Either you actively do something or your body will feel the consequences and do something with you.

We are living in such an awesome time. People never had such a fantastic technology at their disposal that could be used to the benefit of humanity! If we are doing something now and take action to put that “baby” in benevolent hands, our time line will bring us in a fantastic experience and life beyond our wildest dreams.

Namaste, Katharina


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