with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Flower Healing Power

7 day workshop to learn how to use and make flower essences

Level 1: practitioner

Flower Essence Therapy is not just another type of alternative, complementary or herbal medicine that solely interacts with the physical body!

The importance of the connection between the body and soul must be understood, because a symptom only appears when the body is no longer in harmony with the soul’s path. To heal is to comprehend and interpret the message that the symptom is trying to convey to the individual - not to give the person a pill to swallow that momentarily takes away the pain and “overwrites” the information the soul tries to submit. 

Retreat Schedule

Sunday, Jan 24th         16.00 Introduction
                                      18.00 Dinner
                                      19.00 we watch a movie to introduce the a very important principle

Mon 25- Fri 29th       8.15 sound meditation
                                    8.45 Breakfast
                                    9.30 WS
                                   13.00 Lunch
                                   14.30 WS
                                   17.00 Break
                                   18.00 Dinner
                                   some evenings we have a program, this will be announced

Saturday, Jan 31st       morning same as above
                                      13.00 Lunch
                                      14.00 last meditation
                                      15.00 End of Workshop

Please bring along a personal note book, all other things for the workshop will be provided.
Internet is provided during the day, in the night we will turn off the WiFi.

Please check the schedule to find out when the next program is happening, click here


After the workshop:

Hope this email finds you well. I am slowly digesting and assimilating all this wonderful experience we had last week. It has been a deep inward adventure and I feel a stronger connection with my surrounding. Nature is amazing when you take time to listen to it and it makes me feel really grateful towards life and you, so thank you.     J.D.C. Canada

Are you:
- relived by the idea that we are not helpless and depending

on others to enjoy a healthy life?
- excited to learn how true healing can be easy and cheap?
- to work with a system without any negative side effects?
- willing to be responsible for your health?
- ready to take back your power and reverse your present circumstances?
- ready to look at your symptoms and listen to what they have to say?
- prepared for real healing instead of curing and pushing symptoms around?
- ready to be in charge of your health and well being?
- fascinated by the idea that you can make your own flower remedies?

If you come to this page, you are looking for something different beside the chemical remedies and allopathic medicine! No chemical medicine can heal: no pill can restore health. Chemicals only can trigger some chemical reactions in the body, but healing is another story!

Are you looking for a way to stay healthy and restore health even beyond normal herbal infusions and medicine?

Flower Essence Therapy is not just another medicine!

We can receive help or counseling from others but, ultimately, we can only heal ourselves because true healing not only has to do with the body, but also encompasses the totality of a person, mind, body and spirit. The subtle frequencies of Bach Flowers transmit information to a person’s energy field, harmonizing the connection between body and soul.

This connection is where all illness begins and eventually ends.

Flower Essence Therapy for Professionals and Laypeople.

Level 1: Practitioner training  (Level 2: Teacher training to be announced)

We start with an introduction into the "Language of Illness" and the meaning of the Flower Essences. Illness means the abandonment of harmony and of a balanced regime.

Every symptom that manifests in the body has a message for us. To understand this message is crucial to the process of healing! If one understands the message and acts accordingly, the illness has no substance anymore and healing will take place.

Healing has something to do with “holy” and “wholeness” and is a spiritual discipline. The process of healing is active and one can’t give the responsibility away to others. Holistic processes can heal because they include all of the four bodies. 

Book recommendation:

“The Healing Power of Illness” by Thorwald Dethlefsen

The flower essences are vibrational medicine and are not working on the level of the physical body but affect directly the subtle bodies! To make this visible we act out the topic of the flowers in a role play and every one can observe the immediate effect of the flower essences and the topic related to it. This way is a powerful tool to bring awareness and light into the shadow of our hidden aspects to redeem them permanently. This method is truly healing body, soul and mind!

Feed back/Testimonial:

I couldn't believe that these little subtle flower essences had such a powerful impact! First, I thought they are just working if you believe they do… but oh no, even with the doubts I had, they worked just fine. This workshop was an experience that I'll treasure for the rest of me life. Beside all the teaching, we had a lot of fun and the week went by in a blink! I especially appreciated that it was not just theory, but we were engaged in many activities. The experience to connect with flowers was very special and the excursion to the Doi Tung flower garden was exquisite.

Now the flower essences are important for me and we could say my daily friends. It's so easy, in the morning I open my Flower Essence set, chose a flower and use it for that day. I feel lighter and have the courage to do as I want and to speak my truth. The most amazing thing is that people around me start to change positively too.  K.S. CH.

Healing with the subtle Flower Remedies

Introduction the Asian Flower Essences and how to use them. Each flower essence covers a topic, not a symptom! The fascinating  way the essences help us to align ourselves again to our true life path and regain perfect health.

We can make a role play with the flower essences to introduce them on an ever deeper level. It is a fascinating experience to play a flower essence and virtually feel the message and the healing energy of it. 

Book recommendation:

“Flower Healing Power 1 and 2” by Katharina Bless.

Find Flowers in Nature to make your own Flower Essences!
It’s a truly amazing journey and adventure to discover how to communicate with nature spirits and flower devas to be able to understand the message of an individual flowers. As Quantum Physics teaches us, every thing is alive and has consciousness. This is a fascinating journey to experience this, for the mind very difficult to understandable truth, in real life and first hand!

The adventure to go out into Nature to find those flowers who are ready for our healing process is changing one's life.

During  our retreat we make our own flower essences, the mother tinctures to make the “intake bottles” to use for ourselves and for others. This is an ideal workshop for therapist and all people who want to start a new life to be "response-able"! To learn how to find the medicine that we need to realign ourselves with our true life path is a highly rewarding journey! 

We offer a complete education program for Asian Flower Essence Practitioners with certification.

Module 1    Flower Healing Power one week retreat

Module 2    Flower Healing Power one week Teacher Training

We also look use Kinesiology
To give the students a tool to truly discriminate energies we also include a short introduction into the art of Kinesiology. The study of muscles and their movements, esp. as applied to physical conditioning. (Kinesis = movement, kinein = to move)

A striking aspect of the Kinesiology tests is, that there is a uniformity of response and the results are predicable, repeatable and universal even if no rational link existed between stimulus and response. In 1975 Dr. David R. Hawkins began research on the kinesiological response to truth and falsehood. In double blind studies and in mass demonstrations involving entire lecture audiences, subjects universally tested weak in response to unmarked envelopes containing artificial sweetener and strong to identical placebo envelopes. The same response appeared in testing intellectual values.

Kinesiology is the perfect way to find out what remedy someone needs because our body is our best friend and never lies to us!
Book recommendation: “Power VS Force” from Dr. R. Hawkins

Dear Katharina,
This is Josephine who just finished the Flower Healing workshop on 5th October. How are you?
Thank you very much for everything! I had a wonderful time at Soma Center. I miss the time I had spent at Soma Center and the time we spent with you.
Please find the photo that we took together attached.
Wish you all the best and I hope to see you again, with love, Josephine L.

Katharina Bless