Indigo Soul Sympony

Recently, I suddenly had the vision of creating the Indigo Soul Symphony mandalas and painting. I was not sure what to do but knew that the background has to be Indigo/violet/magenta colors. So I started to make backgrounds... and play around with forms.
I had an older golden marker and started to outline the form and remembered that I had some more "glittering" markers and also, that many years ago, when I still was painting much more, I once learned a technique with only dots. It's similar how an image is made by pixels.

So the fun begun and I started to experiment... this one here was the first one I made. And a dear friend of mine really liked it, she said this picture touches her, so I will bring it to her when I visit later this year.

Canvas on hard board   30 x 30 cm

One of the problems is to make good pictures, because the effect of the pictures can't be seen like this.

This one was a lovely, kind of self growing Mandala that I call "Harmony"

20 x 20 cm on hard board canvas

It is very fascinating to work like this and I went shopping and looking for more color glitter markers and found so many incredible colors, so the fun really began!

20 x 20 cm on hard board canvas

This Heart Lotus also had a story, I was tossing around with it and just was not inspired enough until I knew exactly for whom I made it... then the energy suddenly was flowing and I tuned into the energy of this wonderful friend.

Canvas on hard board 15 x 25 cm

This one is a work of long time.I started to make the outlines with the lotus in the heart and then slowly it came together. One thing is also to work with these markers, they dry very slow and I have to put the outlines first and then make a bit from the center outside and wait at least half a day until it's dry. I was smearing the colors around in the beginning since I was used to work with aquarell and cuache, which dries much faster. Actually sometimes I had to hurry up with the painting because I had to make sure the color was not dry yet, especially when I did mandala circles to make sure the same color lasted the whole round.

Canvas on hard board    30 x 30 cm

The Flower of Life is a Mandala that I made in so many variations already and I am always surprised how different they all come out. If you work with multiple circles it is really fascinating what patterns are showing.
I love to work with 6, 9 and 12 pointed patterns. A friend told me that this one looks like embrodery!

Canvas on hard board    20 x 20 cm

And here another Flower of Life Mandala

Canvas on hard board  30 x 30 cm

In fact I work best when I do a Mandala for someone. This is for a friend who is working with us on the "inner Child" and joy. So I started to contemplate this topic and this came out. It is playful but still structured, I think this is because we still have to live here and use the structure of our physical life. Often when people don't realize this and only are on the "think pink" wave, life becomes very chaotic. I have experience that myself and observed in many clients/students.

Special Cotton Drawing paper 

24 x 24 cm

Created by Katharina Bless