with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Soma Soul Mandala

Mandalas, the Mirror of your Soul

It is a fascinating journey of Self discovery and the potential within becomes visible to be put into form and manifestation in a Mandala.

With sound meditation, crystal sound bath, Nada Yoga and chanting we open the inner space beyond the limitations of the rational mind to rediscover your inborn creativity and potential.

We are born to be creators and our most important life purpose is to express our creativity it in many ways and manifestations.

In this Retreat you will be guided to create your personal Logo and paint a Meditations Mandala for your daily life.

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SOMA SOul MAndala Method

it is a great journey to work with Mandalas, for the individual and for groups.

Mandalas are the perfect tool to find out what is going on between people, can be used for child/parent problem solutions and to find out who works best together.

Mandalas can be used in many ways. Even "just" as a hobby, they help the soul to wake up even if the one drawing them does not realize it.

Kitha Katharina is also offering the training program for those interested in a new career or practitioners who want to integrate the

SOMA SOul-MAndala Method

into their work.

Over the last 35 years, Katharina has developed several powerful methods how to work with Mandalas, which include:

Therapeutic work

- releasing old programs, habits and fears

- problem solution between child and parent

- problem solution between adults

- healing meditation

- since a mandala can be used like iris diagnosis, it can help clear physical symptoms

Corporate / business world:

- help to recruiting new staff

- find out who can work together well or complement each other

- problem solution in the corporate field

- test how innovative/creative a person is

- see how reliable a person is

- find out how dedicated a person can work

- find out if a person can follow guidelines

Personal development:

- activate one's creativity

- develop sense of harmony and beauty

- find your inner center

- balance your feelings, emotions and mood

- express yourself in total new ways

     and much more....

Some of the areas are interchangeable and there is more, once you start to work with it, you will see how the work activates your own creativity and you are able to extend the analyse.

Do you want to become a Soma Soul Mandala Practitioner? We offer the whole education with certification for SOMA Soul-Mandala Method Practitioners.

In this Mandala Workshop the praticipants created the most amazing and stunning  Mandalas
In this Mandala Workshop the praticipants created the most amazing and stunning Mandalas

There are 3 Modules for this education:

Module 1    One Week Soma Soul Mandala Retreat: personal analyses: creating your unique personal Logo and Meditation Mandala

Module 2    One Week Soma Soul Mandala Techniques: several techniques we can use to work with Mandalas and their practical application

Module 3    One Week Soma Soul Mandala Therapy applications: How to work with clients and use the Mandalas in many ways to help them find the solution to their problems and answer to questions.

After completion of the whole course, you will receive a certificate that will enable you to work as a certified

Soma Soul Mandala Practitioner

Magical Mandalas

- Are you ready find your hidden potential of creativity?
- Would you like see the message of your Soul?
- Do you want to integrate creative art into your daily life?
- Are you ready to break free?
- Do you need a creative break?
- Are you looking for new direction in your life?
- Do you want to discover how powerful you can express yourself?

- Are you interested in a creative way of problem solution?

The most fascinating and perfect Mandalas we find in nature have you ever stopped and watched a flower opening?
Have you ever been in awe seeing the perfection of a flower?

Mandalas always fascinated human beings, the Natives in the Americas have built their round tipi’s and the medicine wheels - we find the sacred circles at Stonehenge and uncountable other places, Our mother earth is round, the moon, sun and stars! There is actually no straight line in the universe, if we go on prolonging a line infinitely we end up in circles and spirals.


This workshop was a total surprise for me. I expected to enjoy drawing, but the depth of the messages and meaning of Mandalas, was far beyond my expectation.
You opened up a new world for me, a sacred path and gave me a most precious tool that I can use any time to find out what is going on in my life. Your interpretations of the Mandalas were brilliant and have helped so much to understand hidden messages! This retreat helped me to   realize my true potential. Gratitude, Kay

Workshop Schedule

SOMA  ~  SOul - MAndala

with Katharina Bless

3 Modules (1 year) education to become a certified SOMA Mandala Practitioner

Module 1: 7 day Workshop in Chiang Rai 14-21 Nov 2020

Module 2: 24 2-hour sessions - On line workshop

Module 3: final Diploma course, 4 days in Chiang Rai (date to be set in Nov 2021)

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Katharina Bless