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A new program will be ready end of March

Chinese New Year Details - Skyview Horoscope

2020 What's in store for us?

Time quality analyze with SkyView Astrology, the Astrology with the real star constellations by Katharina Bless

Every full- and dark Moon you can find an energy quality reading:

Katharina also offers private Astrology readings, please send me email with your personal details:

Birth date, time of birth, place of birth 

(if you are born in a small village, please also provide the name of the next bigger city and don't forget the country)

The reading can be in person, by phone (WhatsApp) or Zoom video conference. For Zoom I'll send you a link that you can click on to attend. (Very easy)

Katharina writes a moon reading for every full- and dark moon, you can find them here

move through your personal tranformation with easy and grace

Wisdom Mandala - On line Workshop

"Women empowering Women"

Heart-Centered and Holistic Leadership Program

Free empowerment talk with Katharina's magical crystal singing bowls for the meditation

Encourages an expanded consciousness and creates abundance on all levels

There is no tool for development more effective than the Empowerment of women ~ Kofi Annan

Many women have lost the connection with their own feelings and truly believe that they are satisfied, but deep down there is a stirring of dissatisfaction and even an emptiness. This leads to depression or illness. Illness is an expression of disharmony and shows in it's own symbolic language clearly what is “missing” in our lives. Our passion and creativity needs to be expressed and a safe space to unfold.

The Wisdom Mandala is the place held by a group of women where individuality, self-expression,dreams, visions and Love are shared in a supportive environment. Truly a safe place in which to rediscover and reclaim your true power, as you grow into the person that you have always known that you are. Come play, laugh, cry and share what ever moves you with your SiStars in the Wisdom Mandala.

new dates to be announced

Dark Moon chart from January 6, 2019

Private Sessions:

SkyView Astrology

A SkyView horoscope reveals the curriculum of life and the reason why we are here on this planet. This includes  our final goal and path of evolution; or in other words, we can say that the SkyView Astrology chart is the roadmap to one’s life destination.

There is a powerful healing effect in such a reading because the individual is finally aligned to his or her purpose of life and the energy can flow better and freely. With this alignment it is easier to make decisions and rediscover the inner power for a happy and purposeful life.

Don’t miss this opportunity for short and long term guidance

One hour reading US$ 100

the Secret Dakini Oracle, a powerful guide in life

Dakini Oracle Readings:

have you arrived at a crossroad and need guidance? Are there questions that you want toask? Are there any problems in life that you would like to resolve? The Secret Dakini Oracle might give you the perfect answer!

The Secret Dakini Oracle is an ancient teaching of the great Tantric Masters of the East and contains the inner mysteries of the universe. The sixty-five cards comprising the Secret Dakini Oracle are surrealistic expressions of each of these inner mysteries found in the subtle body or yoga-body.

Man and woman are like mirrors of the universe or macrocosm. The inner and outer worlds are not separate, but rather they are interwoven, forming a fabric of existence, which extends from spiritual aspects to material aspects. If we search within ourselves, we find that we are composted of the same basic principles as are found in the realities of the outside world.

The Secret Dakini Oracle is a reflection of who we are and a help to recognize where we are in the moment and it can show us the way to make life more easy and happy!

Katharina can use Astrology or the Dakini Orcale to help you to understand your life better and have a smoother road ahead.

One hour reading US$ 77   Half an hour reading US$ 44

Created by Katharina Bless