with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Katharina Bless

SkyView Astrology

The only astrology system working with the correct astronomical Star-constellations

The practice of SkyView or Star-Sign Astrology has been lost since about 2000 years. The study of the SkyView horoscope reveals one's life curriculum, final goal and path of evolution; or in other words, we can say that the SkyView Astrology chart is the roadmap to one’s life destination.

The healing effect of such a reading is very powerful because the individual is finally aligned to his or her life purpose and the energy can flow freely. With this alignment it is easy to make decisions and find the inner power for a happy and purposeful life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to understand your life purpose, short and long term guidance and roadmap for this journey, this is what you receive in the reading.

If you can't see me in person, we can arrange a session on-line.

How much is a reading?

One hour reading: 100US$

For follow up readings you can book some time that you think you need:

30 Min:  45 US$/ 45 min: 70 US$ / one hour: 90US$

How a reading works:

I offer Astrology readings on Skype or Viber(e-phone). First, I prepare the chart and send it to you per email: the image of your natal Chart, the actual progression and then we also can look at the transits.

Please send me your birth info: name, date, time and city/country and also mention the questions you have, so I can prepare accordingly.

You can pay by PayPal or by bank transfer. When you have paid we will set up the appointment. We do the 1 hour (we need that much time for a first reading) and then if there are immediate follow up questions I answer them for free within the next couple weeks. Later, you still can book follow up shorter readings, according to your needs.

There are many clients who book a follow up reading once a year to look at the progress and we can do a solar return chart for details about what's coming up in the following year.

IMPORTANT: SkyView Astrology is NOT a fortune telling tool. It shows where you come from and what your purpose and goal is in this life! It shows the quality of time and therefore gives valuable information on how to plan your life!

Dakini Oracle Reading

 Do you need guidance? Do you have questions that you want to be answered? Are there any problems in life that you would like to resolve? The Secret Dakini Oracle might give you the perfect answer!

The Secret Dakini Oracle is an ancient teaching of the great Tantric Masters of the East and contains the inner mysteries of the universe. The sixty-five cards comprising the Secret Dakini Oracle are surrealistic expressions of each of these inner mysteries found in the subtle body or yoga-body.

Man and woman are like mirrors of the universe or macrocosm. The inner and outer worlds are not separate, but rather they are interwoven, forming a fabric of existence, which extends from spiritual aspects to material aspects. If we search within ourselves, we find that we are composted of the same basic principles as are found in the realities of the outside world.

The Secret Dakini Oracle is a reflection of who we are and a help to recognize where we are in the moment and it can show us the way to make life more easy and happy!

How much is a reading?

30 Min reading: 450 U$ / 45 min reading: 70 US$ / one hour reading 90US$

You can also book session for implant removals, to delete sabotage programs or other general consultation. Please contact me by email and write down you questions/request, so we can arrange a session and figure out what has to be done. 

1 hour therapy session: 90US$ How to book a reading

Please click here and chose a reading type.

It can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer. I will send you a PayPal request or the bank details by email. Please mention the reading with your payment and I will contact you to make an appointment when its paid.

Thank you!

Sound Sessions:

If you are physically here in Thailand or if I travel in other countries, you can also book a sound session with me:

Crystal Sound Bath


Solfeggio Tuning Fork "massage"


I am loving the soothing sounds of your crystal bowls :) I've been
enjoying the sounds of daily living , and find a huge improvement in the
vibration in  our house :) You have a great gift there! Really awesome and
a relief to hear.
Your music has touched my soul, and is very energetically balancing.   I
appreciate very much that you've chosen to share it with me. Thank you.

To feel and "hear" the bowls directly on the body was a magical experience! Soothing and harmonizing at the same time. I can "fly" and don't feel the ground anymore, I felt free, relaxed and totally balanced after each sound session. I felt the vibration in my whole body and beyond. I still could feel the sound in my body for a few days. When I went to bed, I heard them and they were like a lullaby to relax me into a deep sleep.

--- K. S. ---


The one week sessions with Katharina was an eye-opener. Definitely not something I had expected nor foreseen.
She had logical answers to almost anything and was one of the best teachers I've ever had. The sessions were intensive - starting with educational, empowering, inspiring, exhilarating and very memorable.
I went to the retreat as an exhausted, jaded and lost individual, unsure of my next step in my career and returned feeling rejuvenated and 'awakened'. No words can describe how powerful these lessons were. You have to experience it yourself!
The Skyview Astrology session with her was something which no other astrologer had managed to do for me. It gave me all the clarity I needed; all the answers I'd been looking for half of my life.
Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family, especially the women. I've already made plans to return and learn new things from Kat in a few months' time.

R. S. Singapore

Katharina Bless