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CD’s by Katharina Bless

Crystal Singing Bowl for relaxation and healing

Crystal Sound Magic (60 min)

Gaia Puja (60 min)

Golden Solar Alignment ~ deep meditation (60 min)

Crystal Sound for daily Living (double album 120 min)

Each CD costs 22US$ and the double album 33US$

The Bach Flower Therapy form a Spiritual Poing of View


by Katharina Bless

Price in US$

22.00     SkyView Astrology                                               
22.00     Flower Healing Power 1 (Bach Flowers)   

17.00     FHP 1 PDF Version (ready March '17)

22.00     Chinese Translation: Flower Healing Power 1 (Bach Flowers)              
18.00     Flower Healing Power 2 (Asian Flowers)   

14.00     FHP 2 PDF Version  (ready March '17)        
 5.00     The Secret of the Abundance Box  

 4.00     Abundance Box PDF version                     

Himalayan Crystal Salt and other health products are available in our shop or I can send them by request.

The Asian Gateway Flower Essences

Tesla free energy plates

The free energy plates from Nicola Tesla are not only protection, but also enhance the quality of food and the Black crystalloid disc  and phone discs help to prevent the negative impact of “electro smog”. Tesla plates are vital to help to protect us from damage from the constant bombardment of all kind of radio-, micro- and other waves we are exposed to. 

The products are all available here at the Center and I also can send them to you by mail. Please order by email.

Moon Readings:

Katharina writes bimonthly a reading  explaining the energies of the present Dark  and Full moon constellations according to the real star constellations. This is unique and powerful, helping you to understand what is unfolding in the world in this moment of time and shows the quality of time for this moment in time.

You can find them at: Silver Dove Network or on my Wordpress Blog Page

Private Sessions with Katharina Bless:

Sky-View Astrology, Sound Sessions, Implant removal etc.

For more information and to book a session, please click here

The Astrology working with the real star constellation
For appointments and private readings please contact Katharina by email
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Skype ID: Katharina.Bless

Zoom ID: 660-058-4414

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