Rainbow Qi

Sound and Color Therapy
The Powerful Harmonizing and Healing Frequencies of Color and Sound

In this Retreat you will receive:

personal alignment to one’s natural colors
daily sound bath and Nada Yoga
powerful methods how to activate your healing abilities
lasting alignment to your natural “frequency” and potential
Know-how to remove disturbing sabotage programs and implants
deep relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation
opportunity for our Spa treatments

The healing energies of colors are very powerful and international - no language needed! Every one can easily feel and understand the colors of the rainbow, they are found every where. We are constantly surrounded by them in all shades and forms. They also vibrate as sound on another level. Some people can see and hear colors.

 Every thing in nature is balanced at one level and the 3 basic colors, which also represent the Holy Trinity, they create the world and are the “main ingredients” for powerful healing. This way of Energy transmission is very simple and effective beyond your imagination because it’s naturally within the spectrum of our true nature and nothing is artificial or unnatural to this method. The colors are easy to visualize and have an immediate effect.

To truly understand the nature of dis-ease and the life journey we have signed up for, we have to understand the cosmic law which is above the human law and also much more easy because we also find an imprint of it within ourselves. Therefore it is more a remembrance than learning. There is in actuality nothing to learn out there, just to remember!

Katharina will remind you how and where dis-ease and illness starts and how it can be reversed to restore harmony in the physical and subtle bodies. What has fallen into the physical realm and had become “solid” matter in form of illness can again be transformed and healed! Each color represents a key which you learn to use in this retreat.

As a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer, Katharina has always intuitively found powerful ways of healing. She had a dream around her birthday which was the day of the great alignment on June 26th 2010 that it’s time to share this method with her students and people who are interested to move to the next level of understanding and healing.

This Rainbow Qi Retreat will show you how to balance the aura and some might even be able to see the colors of human aura. She will show you how to do practice, even though it might not happen within a week. But you will be taken to the Teacher Level in this time and deeply understand the power of colors and their healing power.

Healing with colors is not new to the world, in contrary, it is one of the oldest methods that have been used to restore harmony already in Lemuria and Atlantis. The memory of these times are within the akashic records and we can access them and bring back the healing of these times.

Katharina has experienced on her own body that most chemical remedies don’t work anymore and she had through her journey of illness to learn to heal her body with different methods. She also never went back to see a medical doctor (except dentists....!!!) since 1986 and also went all by herself through menopause without problems and has learned work with alternative and natural methods to remain healthy and strong.
This way of working with colors is a very easy and joyful one, people work active together and it’s not a healing method where the “patient” is just receiving, but also can cooperate with the facilitator of the rainbow healing energies. It is a profound and joyful experience for both!

Short overview of the color effect:

Primary colors:
Yellow (tone Mi ~ E)

is a light color, the color of the brain, clear thinking intelligence, for mental stimulation, to clear a foggy head.
Red (tone Do ~ C)

is a hot color, the power, the pure energy. It helps to vitalize and empower you and helps the blood circulation to run smoothly.
Blue (tone So ~ G, indigo La ~ A)

is a cold and heavy color and helps you to be calm, quiet and in harmony. It helps to sooth the mind, cooling down hot tempers and brings a quiet atmosphere.

Secondary colors:
Orange (mixed from red and yellow, tone Re ~ D)

helps to concentrate, energize and clear the brain, but since there is red it should not be used for too long, it makes nervous and easily agitated.
Green (yellow and blue, tone Fa ~ F)

is the color or harmony and balance. It helps the nerves, cool down fever and is a general healing color, as you can experience, when you let your eyes rest on beautiful green landscapes.
Violet (Red and blue, tone Di ~ B)

will connect you with your spiritual Self and is the color of changes. It will help you to go on and change things in life easier.

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A mandala for every day mirrored the process that each student went through in this retreat
Created by Katharina Bless