with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


10 Day ReCreation Detox

Our 10 day Special Program

Relaxation ~ Recuperation ~ Rejuvenation ~ ReCreation

Are we really in charge of who we are or are we just some automated slaves who re-act to circumstances in all ways? Can we really “act” or are we only “re-acting”? Are we the creators of our lives?

Modern science like Quantum physics have found out that we are much more than we thought that we are and if we can access the possibilities that we have, we can be so much more.

Can we can truly create our lives and not just “re-act” to what is happening?
Do you want to know?
Then you have to try it!

Soma ReCreation Program offers the way to find out!

To feel good and healthy, we need to get rid of a lot of toxins that our bodies accumulated during the years we are on this planet. We are exposed daily to  all kind of pollution from the air, cars, food, noise pollution and much more on physical and subtle levels. They all influence our system and the load over the years is accumulating.

Create a peaceful life and remove mental, emotional and physical toxins
Create a peaceful life and remove mental, emotional and physical toxins

At one point in our lives we need a good cleansing to prevent illness when we get older. Most people are afraid of getting old because it is synonym with “getting sick”. But this does not have to be that way, there are old people on the planet who are healthy and enjoy very much to be old. This has nothing to do with the aging process we are used to!

The aging of the body is not really necessary in the ways we observe today, we know now by now, that this is a program that we can change! This is part of the work we do in the morning! With several different methods we look at the program that is “operating” us and delete old patterns to understand how we can “reprogram” ourselves to eliminate the limiting decay and aging programs.

In this retreat we offer you many ways to relax, recuperate, rejuvenate and eventually re-create good health in the physical and subtle bodies.

Our detox retreat at Soma Retreat Center was not like your regular physical detox--though the food we had was incredibly "clean" and nutritious. Daily sound healing, along with guided visualizations, homeopathic remedies and "mandala" drawings, a form of art therapy, created an environment for us to go deep into old patterns and release them. I've done quite a few retreats and detoxes in my life, and this was by far the most transformational on a mental/emotional level. I'm not normally a subscriber to the New Age philosophy, but was open to something new and I was totally surprised by the powerful results. One of the main components of the experience was the warmth of such a lovely group and the deep wisdom of Katharina. Also the land is very peaceful. In all I would highly recommend this to anyone ready to take a major leap in their life.  ~  Kim R.  USA

J. Tronsberg Rediscover the inner light and let it shine out
J. Tronsberg Rediscover the inner light and let it shine out

What you receive from the “Soma-Four-R” program:

More vitality and dynamic
Total relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole body
Learn how to remove sabotage programs
Learn how to neutralize fear and other negative programs
Knowledge how to re-create the body health
Better the general Well-Being
Understanding how to keep up your good health
Easy and pleasant exercise for daily practice
Strengthening of the immune system

and last but not least:
In this retreat, you will be able to awaken your dormant 
creativity to create the life YOU WANT

This season we include the 7 day Detox Program only

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Katharina Bless