with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


7 Day Rejuvenation ~ Detox

Soma Rejuvenation Program:

Mental, Emotional and  Physical Detox and Transformation

In this one week intense Soma Rejuvenation program we offer the following treatments and therapies:

-  herbal supplements and subtle remedies
- healthy and delicious lacto/ovo vegetarian food (vegan available)
- Crystal bowl sound therapy
- daily Nada Yoga exercise
- deep breathing ~ deep releasing
- therapeutic mandalas and creative visualization
- removal of sabotage programs
coaching for transition and transformation
tools for a new life manifestation
cellular release, SPA treatments and massage, herbal steam
 Himalayan salt water treatments:
floating basin, body scrubs, ozonized swimming pool

also included: Mini TPK-Vibrational-Body-Cleaning Program (VBC)

To achieve an optimum  rejuvenation, we need to work on all levels, a physical detox is not enough. If we just do a cleansing program without eliminating the programs and habits that have led to the present situation, we might be there again soon after. To be able to thoroughly rejuvenate our whole being, we have to work with our whole being, not only with the physical body!

In this retreat we use a holistic approach: beside the physical part of detoxification with appropriate food, herbs, massages, body movements and hydrotherapy, we use meditation and Mandalas to find out about the emotional and mental toxins and sabotage programs to get rid of them.

Katharina also has developed a special program to remove sabotage programs and neutralize past fears, hurts, anger and frustration.
In addition we have the help of the TPK program, a subtle method (see below) to neutralize the toxins in the body.

What does it need to stay fit, alive and alert even when we are  passed the times of our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and more? What can we do to rejuvenate our system to enjoy a life in good health and mental/emotional clarity?

How can we avoid to get Altsheimer’s disease, dementia and other illness?

It is possible to grow old in good health on all levels, enjoy life, eat good food and be active until the last day of our lives. My mother was like this. She was totally clear until the last day of her life and died in peace at home. She was staying with me the last 7 years of her life and died shortly before her 93rd birthday here in Chiang Rai. She totally enjoyed her “private old age residence” and she jokingly said. She went every summer for a couple month back to Switzerland to stay with my brother until she was 91, then she decided not to go back anymore because practically all of her old friends passed already and my brother instead came to stay here more and longer and has now built his own house and lives already part time here in Chiang Rai.

The Soma Rejuvenation program in
the beautiful setting of our new Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand, is giving you all the tools that you need to transform your sabotage programs and old  hurts, the emotional and mental blockages that prevent you to live a powerful and creative life.
This transformational detox retreat gives you the prerequisites you for long, happy and healthy life on all levels: physical, mental and emotional!

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Katharina Bless