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with Katharina Bless


difference between SkyView and Western/Tropical Astrology

The significant difference between SkyView and Western/Tropical Astrology


I feel confident that after reading this chapter you will understand the actual difference from a spiritual point of view and why SkyView Astrology is so precious.


In my years of experience working with both Tropical/Western and Sky View Astrology, I find the latter to be more precise and relevant to the present age. Sky View Astrology reveals the details that are unfolding and clearly shows the opportunities emerging in one’s life. I have had many clients who were relieved not “to be” an Aries or “to be” a Cancer etc. and to understand the real meaning of their Astrology Chart, detailing the time quality of this lifetime, and giving them guidelines to move more easily through life.


A while back I was checking with a friend in Sydney, as she referred to notes she had taken half a year before. They were absolutely accurate in terms of what had transpired since then in her life. She had reached a point where she could finally make the decision to move on. This happened after Uranus turned direct in Aquarius (trop. Capricorn), in opposition to her natal Uranus, after being retrograde for quite a while. She was inspired by a new idea for a project on helping people to find their passion and had already started to make plans for a new venture. This did not make any sense at all in Capricorn since Uranus represents independence, new ideas and humanitarianism which is the opposite of Capricorn representing reduction! Within a couple of days she submitted her letter of resignation at her old working place, giving 3 months advance notice, which allowed her the necessary time-frame to be able to move on, exactly when Saturn turned direct in Cancer (tropical: Gemini). Saturn was in a close conjunction with her north node in the 3rd house in Cancer (tropical: Gemini) and, the new venture had much to do with “communication with the soul”.

(I just recently talked to her again, 10 years later, and she mentioned, that I told her husband that his project will not “take off” before 2015 and it just started to materialize in March 2015).

I have observed that for many, Tropical Astrology has become similar to a form of religion and they pore over the Astrology columns in the newspaper in the same way as in the olden days people read sentences from the Bible at breakfast! Depending on the prediction they would have a happy or a miserable day, or week, they actively manifest what they believe in. This has nothing to do with the true spirit and message of Astrology!


The significant difference between the two methods is that SkyView Astrology shows you the way to move beyond ego consciousness by dismantling the ego’s attachments to the seasonal cycle in the tropical astrology system. It emphasizes the soul’s emergence into consciousness and towards the alchemical marriage. It is truly a spiritual guide to one's destiny.


What I have discovered on 20+ years of study, that the planets play a bit a different role as we are conditioned and none of them presents “I” completely! Even the identification with the Sun as the personality is not accurate, the “main player” in this game is not the Sun.


At this point, I would like to tell you a story:


Imagine that before you were born into this present body, you sat together with the “Lords of Karma” i.e. the law of cause and effect. You looked at all your “previous” lives and put together a program for the one to come. Based on the summary of “past-life” lessons, or we could say, from the journeys you experienced on other consciousness levels within the process of creation, you chose a new life pattern where you could bring in the talents of the “previous” ones, balance unfinished business and evolve to a higher consciousness level.


If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can imagine that you sat with the Angels and looked at the life of your ancestors and put together a life program to continue ‘the family’ journey and deal with any unfinished business. This information would then be stored in your genes and DNA.

Since time does not exist, it is slightly more complicated. We sometimes need to use images, metaphors and stories to understand reality. This is the main reason why, since ancient times, teachers have spoken about mythology and many other such stories that reach out beyond the scope of our limited linear form of understanding. The Greek word “mythologein” means: ‘telling a true story’. “Mythos” refers to the connection to the Divine, “logos” to the mind. The word “logical” derives from Logos, pointing towards the linear way how the mind works.


One of the most important people in every community was the storyteller, the fool that entertained the king, the one who told the stories, jokes, riddles and fables. It was up to the listener to either just enjoy a good story or to hear the real and deeper meaning behind the imagery.

In the unbalanced one-sided character of our sun dominated seasonal cycle Tropical astrology and consciousness of the male ego, reflected in our society, we are ‘stuck’ with only one aspect of the polarity. The “logos”, the mere telling of a mundane story, is lacking the “mythos”, the connection to the yin, feminine wisdom to reach the Divine. This is the reason why we truly don’t understand mythology anymore. Our craving for the scientific reasoning, which bans and labels every thing spiritual as irrational, leaves no room for the comprehending of a fairy tale. In fairy tales we find an abundance of “true stories”. Alas, often only one half of the brain is in action, the left side that controls the mind.

Previous lives are like explorer games that help us to evolve according to our present level of consciousness. In each lifetime we learn another lesson and acquire a skill that we can use to climb the pyramid to levels of higher consciousness or towards the completion of our evolution on this level. The following graphic illustration might help the explanation.


In the image above, the bigger circle represents the Soul Self or the “Higher Self” and the smaller, black circle the personality of our identification in this lifetime. The personality is connected to the Soul Self, even though the latter has separated from its wholeness. Some of the soul’s essence is now in the smaller circle which represents the incarnation of the personality. This personality is now manifested in a physical body, has a name and identification for a physical life time of experience. And this personality is unique!


The life energy in the physical body, with its mask, costume and limitations is always connected to the Soul Self. At the moment of one’s passing i.e. what we call ‘death’, this soul essence, or consciousness, leaves the limited “persona”, literally meaning “mask, costume” in Latin, and goes back into the Soul bringing with it all the experiences from this life time on planet Earth.


In this view, we also can understand most of the linear concept of reincarnation are not entirely relevant, since each personality is unique! Just as a sample, here I use numbers from 1 -14, meaning that from this Soul Self 14 personalities have come into a physical body.


Personality 1 had not experience what so ever in a body and probably was quite lost on this plane with the first experiences “fed” back to the Soul Self. When this personality came back (died) the Soul Self looked created a new personality that has already the experience of “persona 1” with all the positive and negative experiences to explore more of this 3D experience.

After “persona 2” came back, the Soul Self created “Persona 3) and this one had already the experience of 1 and 2, but NEVER was neither 1 nor 2. It was a new personality and fed with more experience, we could say “talents” and “gut feeling” as the experience often shows itself. So it goes on and on, each personality is brings a new configuration of combinations of experience from other personalities.


The most important thing I want to say here, we have to let go of all the guilt aspect of karma, which is conveyed by religion, to make people feel inferior and helpless. “… I have a bad life and need to suffer it because of Karma….!!” This is not true but a distorted image of the truth, like the distorted image of a Tropical Astrology which in fact has nothing to do with the real star constellation as mentions before! If you have never been person 1, 5 or any other, how can you be guilty of what they have done? You have agreed to be here to finish some unfinished business of those personalities and this brings some duties, but you are not guilty of any failure! Life is an adventure, a road to travel, an ongoing process, a journey. Not the goal is the main reason why we are here, but the journey with all it’s experiences, positive and negative.

Having said this, we can continue to imagine that within the process of evolution, many different personalities have experienced lifetimes on different time levels and brought their experiences and knowledge back to the whole, or the Soul, as shown in the next graphic illustration.


In fact there might be several personalities living simultaneously on different time-levels. Each personality’s consciousness is always fully intact and never lost. The truth of the matter is that we are actually able to access the consciousness of our parallel personality aspects and learn from them or, for that matter, acquire and ‘download’ the information we need for this moment. We can call this expanding the consciousness, from the limited physical 3rd dimension into the 4th and 5th dimensions (and even beyond), where we can see a larger, wider, more inclusive picture of our existence. Everyone can project their consciousness although they don’t realise it. Whenever you think of a place and visualise it you have projected your consciousness to that time and place, so why not to a part of you that is in another reality? It is possible to connect with our “other” personalities!


We have to understand at this point that reincarnation doesn’t really exist in a linear time-frame. Since the “other” personalities exist on other consciousness and time levels, they never become the “you” of this lifetime.


They remain an individual consciousness that is never lost even if they are not in a physical body anymore as perceived by us in our current form of understanding of life and time. The same happens with our present personality; even if I die and leave this physical body, the essence of “me” still exists in the unity of the Soul Self. Experience and memory imprints of each lifetime remain fully intact in the soul consciousness.


It is very hard for us to comprehend this as we are living in a third dimensional reality trying to understand a 5th, 6th or even higher dimension, without the proper tools that go along with that existence, because we have forgotten about it and it is not taught in school!

The main difficulty is that we are existing in a seemingly linear time frame (matrix) which is a straight line with a beginning and an end as apposed to the circular never ending time reality (spiral) beyond the veil. If we are aware of this veil, ie our Neptune energy, then we can begin developing our inner life and spiritual aspirations. If Neptune remains veiled within a rational understanding and mind, then it will be very difficult for us to understand this concept.


Our journey is very similar to that of a water drop that eventually reaches the ocean again. In the case of human beings the ocean would be the Divine, Life, God or Nirvana. Following a long journey that begins by evaporating from the ocean and being lifted into the clouds, falling with the rain, draining away into the earth, finding its way to the underground streams from which some of it resurfaces and becomes the source from which the river begins its journey to the ocean. The drop is always there and has an individual imprint that can be proven by freezing it and looking at its unique crystalline pattern, much like that of the snow flake. If a snowflake melts and is refrozen, its unique beautiful structure remains the same! (Read more about the amazing power of water in Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Message of Water”)


Another analogy we can use here is the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar. Creation is not a process that happened some time in the past. It is an ongoing process to this day. Imagine the nine-step pyramid. Each layer is a level of consciousness and has a purpose of its own in our process of evolution. It is our goal to reach the 9th and final level of the cosmic consciousness at this time, our lifetime, now! This is very clearly visible for me in many SkyView Charts of my clients. 

The Mayan Calendar shows the creation plan for planet Earth and for human beings on their journey through the 3rd dimension. I agree with Dr. Carl Johan Calleman (author of “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness”), who points out that Tropical/Western Astrology has no significance within this evolutionary plan. Sky View Astrology, however, does have such significance.


For my understanding the Mayan Calendar is also not ending but it is like the threshold of a new beginning, a new expansion of consciousness.

Imagine that all the pyramids are actually just a “window” of time that we can comprehend, as above. But we can also look at it as a continuum because nothing ever stands still and really comes to an end. An end is always also a new beginning!


More than two decades of research and practical experience has proven this to me and to the many clients for whom I have done readings. Sky View Astrology shows a cosmic framework that reaches beyond the evolution or creation of the planet Earth. It includes the entire solar system, so we can make a chart of every planet and find the time quality from there. Sky View Astrology is not limited only to our planet Earth.


I am sure we cannot fully comprehend the alpha and omega of it all as long as we are not completely in the 5th dimension! Therefore Sky View Astrology, being the mirror of our time quality if we look from our home planet Earth “Mother Gaia”, shows the curriculum of all of her life-forms in their birth Chart, including our human life and our earthly soul evolution.


We could also look into the sky from any other planet within our Sun system, for example Venus or Mars, and see the evolution of soul beings from that perspective. In addition these other planets would also have their own creation calendar similar to the Mayan Calendar for our planet.


The Mayan Calendar ends at a certain point in linear time. Astrology has no end and is still telling us about our time quality when the creation plan is fulfilled and the Mayan Calendar, which is the mirror of the 3rd dimensional creation, is completed. Actually there are more planets than most Astrologers use presently that can give us an insight into the “bigger Picture” like Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Appollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon. Luckily I had a very unconventional Astrology teacher who already included those in the early eighties and challenged me to go beyond traditional Tropical Astrology.


As we have reached the “end of creation” of the planet Earth (or once cycle) according to the Mayan Calendar and other such prophecies, the personality in this lifetime, is a very special and important one, because only you are able to rise and bring all the other multidimensional personalities with you into the higher consciousness. For many it is the final step into enlightenment, a higher consciousness and understanding.


What some teachers have tried to teach us in the past becomes urgent as well as crucial as we approach the peak or climax of these eventful times. There is no time to waste. There is no messiah coming to redeem our souls; it is our task NOW to do this on our own. It is a time window which is open now and it’s up to each individual to perceive and recognize it. As far as I understand it, it is connected to Uranus, which in SkyView Astrology is still in Pisces until April 2018. It also could be connected to Pluto still in Sagittarius, which represents a gateway through rebirth until 2023. At this time Uranus and Pluto are in Aries and Neptune has just entered Pisces.


There is much more information on this topic later in the book, but I believe that in this very special time of  transition, one can reach enlightenment without having to leave the body. The urgency being to raise the vibration of Planet Earth to as high a level of consciousness as possible before this “time window” closes. This is because the vibration is beyond our present understanding and those who are not able to rise up to it and cross this threshold, will remain in the 3D matrix of dogma, superstition and judgment of good and bad.


Recording time quality with SkyView Astrology will always be possible as it is eternal with no beginning or end. To those who believe in the new energy and not the doom and gloom vibe, these years are the beginning of an amazing light vibration as our sun system is entering into the photon belt.


To others it may be a time where they are reminded of Lemuria or Atlantis and they fear that the end of the world is nigh! Of course most people of the world are completely oblivious to any of it since Neptune is completely veiled to them. Each of us will live in the reality that we have created and believe in. Its not that we believe what we see, but the other way around: we only can see what we believe!

Therefore, take a deep breath, this leads up to: the personality that you are in this “NOW” is here to BE the messiah for all the other personalities that exist and lift them into the consciousness of enlightenment to complete the journey of the Soul Self in this 3rd dimension.


The Sky View Chart can outline how we can fulfil this mission NOW. At the end of the cycle of creation we can see in the chart the cosmic task of the soul and how each one can reach this major goal.


Allow me to offer here one more image to illustrate this concept: The Cosmos/Creator has formed an orchestra. The first instruments to play are the percussion instruments, giving the rhythm. Then come the bass instruments with the low foundation sound, followed by the first theme of the melody. Gradually more musicians and instruments in the orchestra join in and play their parts, until at last, as a grand finale, the main soloist brings completion to the musical piece of art.


In this example each consciousness level is represented by a group of instruments. Gradually all the musicians are joining in until all instruments are playing together to reach a final crescendo at which time the last and major soloist joins in as the enlightened being, signalling completion. In our analogy the completion of the 3D creation as we know it, according to the Mayan Calendar, will occur in the year 2012. Then we enter the corridor of transition, which, as some people say, will last until about 2025. It makes sense to believe that there are 50 years of transition which have started in 1975.

If you can just think this as a possibility, please, imagine that all the so-called “past life personalities” are players in this orchestra, and bring in their own tone. You are the getting ready in this lifetime NOW to be the  soloist who will weave in that last part, the grand finale, into the sacred composition that is your part in the grand symphony of  the creation of your Soul!




You might ask yourself what does any of this have to do with Astrology?


Well, the SkyView Astrology Chart might tell you how you fit into this composition – it is just another level of analogy and shows you what you can and must do to complete this cycle of creation. To balance the karma. This book is not the usual Astrology book. It brings a completely different perspective and emphasis into the picture.


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