with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Sublte, yet powerful treatment with SOUND

Introduction to Sound Therapy

By Katharina Bless

To work with sound is like building a bridge between the physical realm and light. Sound is the frequency of creation, materializing and de-materializing, depending on the wave length.

You might be familiar with the fact, that with certain sound waves you can scatter glass and solid matter. Sound was always important, in all cultures and since thousands of years, not only for a single purpose.

Sound has an effect on every one, nobody can escape it. It is used in music, which has organized patterns and rhythms and it triggers a reaction from the one listening or just being near by. Even if some people don’t listen because they focus on something else, the sound waves still have an effect on them!

Some music is uplifting and healing, some is bringing people into an emotional mood, which can vary from romantic dreamer music to passionate dancing rhythms or aggressive march music, war gongs that sound so horrible that the enemy flee. Sound is very powerful and subtle.

If one starts to observe how we react to sound around us, he can embark on a big adventure. We are surrounded by sound all the time: the sound of nature, fans, cars, motorbikes etc. and in the night the frogs, crickets. There is a very nice movie from a young boy who is trying to find his parents. He is aware of, and hears all the sound that normal people don’t hear or just call it “noise”. On his journey he creates a incredible symphony from all the “noise”, the title of the movie is “August Rush”

E very one can use the voice to influence a situation around them, we can talk calm, tenderly or angry and it has an immediate effect on the people around us. If we rise our voice it has a different impact as if we speak with a soft voice – it is very interesting to observe people who know how to use the speech and voice, some politicians are artists in this and are able to move masses!

E very one can use the voice to influence a situation around them, we can talk calm, tenderly or angry and it has an immediate effect on the people around us. If we rise our voice it has a different impact as if we speak with a soft voice – it is very interesting to observe people who know how to use the speech and voice, some politicians are artists in this and are able to move masses!

It is a very powerful tools in the subtle healing sector and also here there we have a choice: we can use sound to heal or to kill. If someone is exposed to certain sound patterns this person will die, some disco rhythms are very destructive and cause severe health damage if people listen to them often. They have a destructive effect on the the nerve system and support ADD and many young people are not able to concentrate and focus anymore because they listen to this kind of music all the time and often with headphones, which is even much worse, it “blasts” right into the brain.

If we use music for healing, we use the sounds to activate and harmonize the flow of the subtle energy and balance the body/soul connections.

A feed back from Australia: The most important thing is the energy behind it. As you know, I am very sensitive to various energies and this is so potently stabilizing. I could not believe that a simple crystal bowl could have so much expression and power. Wow, what a feast! The reason why people literally reboot when they come to you is because they receive direct messages and data which repair their consciousness. A.W.


Physicists tell us that the physical body is an organized field of molecular vibrations existing within an atmosphere and universe of smaller subatomic (i.e. quantum) vibrations. Our universe of invisible quantum vibrations is referred to as the zero point field. In addition, our physical body’s molecular vibratory structure has as its’ substructure and foundation a smaller, quantum matrix of vibrations connected to and part of the zero point field. This internal matrix of quantum vibrations is part of our larger human energy field known as the aura. Traditional approaches to human health generally attempt to effect healing change at the molecular level. One such example is the bio-chemical effect of every prescription, which strives to change our vibratory patterns at the molecular level. Although traditional molecular approaches towards health have many effective applications, they fail to encompass the quantum foundation of the human being. Because of these facts, traditional medical approaches have inherent limitations and many questions about human health and illness remain unanswered.

"All physical and mental illness, in addition to all mental and emotional life challenges, are a reflection of some vibratory imbalance or impurity at the quantum level of our human energy field."

Science tell us that the aura is an organized field or matrix of subatomic or quantum vibrations. This organized field of vibrations is sometimes referred to as the subtle bodies, light body, human energy field or simply the HEF. Since the 1930s man has been photographing the HEF through the use of Kirlian photography (aura photography), thus confirming the existence of the human energy field.

The evolution of medical science dictates the invention of new therapies for identifying, removing and healing vibratory imbalances at the quantum level of our being. These new quantum therapies are referred to as zero point field therapies. To be effective, these new zero point field therapies must correct our vibratory flaws where they reside; within the invisible vibratory substructure of our human energy field (HEF). Once a vibratory impurity is removed the new healthier vibratory structure is transferred to our physical body via our chakra and meridian networks. One could say that this healthier human structure is a step towards the synchronization of our human energy field.

Heart Sound Pattern
Heart Sound Pattern

As mankind is slowly learning, synchronization (or balance) at the quantum level of the HEF facilitates physical, mental and emotional health because it increases the flow of energy from the zero point field into our HEF. This increase in the energetic flow facilitates health because it accelerates the removal of all remaining vibratory impurities. As previously stated, vibratory impurities in the HEF are the source of many of our problems in that they manifest as physical, mental and emotional life challenges. In other words, the cleaner or purer our human energy field becomes at the quantum level the healthier we are from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. This new quantum approach towards human health facilitates an accelerated path towards the realization of our human potential. One specific benefit of the higher energetic flows into our HEF is the hemispheric synchronization of our brain waves. Simply stated, the two parts of our brain, the right and left hemispheres, are in ideal vibratory balance. This vibratory balance or synchronization induces peak brain performance.

By examining the vibratory structure of amino acids, which comprise our human DNA, mankind has learned that there is a common vibratory formula to the physical human structure. If we combine this fact with the theory that all physical matter (inclusive of the human body) is a reflection of a quantum vibratory sub-structure, then it is quite elementary to deduce there is a common vibratory formula to our human energy field. In other words, we all have ‘invisible quantum DNA’ that constructed our human energy field, just as our physical DNA constructed our physical bodies. Thus, the key to human health and the realization of our human potential lay within the vibratory formula (i.e. quantum DNA) that constructed our human energy fiel

Katharina Bless