Christmas and New Year Special Retreats

Christmas Retreat:

Discover your Unique Life Purpose

Do you want to find answers to these questions:
...Why am I here?
...Why is my life the way it is?
...Can I change things?
...Can I create my life differently?
...Why do I feel unsatisfied sometimes?
...Why do I experience fear and lack of self esteem?

 It is our natural uniqueness and and individuality that makes us special! Every one is equally special and born to have an experience of our choice, creativity and power.

Most people have sacrificed the uniqueness to try to fit into a ‘mass media’ image of a distorted Disney land and lead an artificial life of REACTION instead of CREATION (if you move the “C” it’s the same word!)
How about to look at what we really can do with our lives?
How much magic is in it if we allow it to be unique?
 How much we can create our own reality consciously?
We will find a way to get aligned with the true purpose of our presence here on the sacred Mother Earth, the chance of recreating our lives the way we dreamt when we were still young and full of enthusiasm!

It is time to detox the brainwash, dogmas etc., remove implants,
forced agreements and use a bit of magic to delete the old programs
and start to create our authentic life!

In this retreat we use many tools find out what is not completely balanced yet and complete this task to get ready for the New Year. It’s like preparing a garden: we first have to take out the old roots and rotten plants, compost them properly and make the soil ready for the new seeds. You can chose what you want to plant if you are conscious about it.
We will use sound, symbols, colors, flower essences and Katharina will open for you a door to understand your personal magic power!

This extraordinary journey will allow you to unleash the power within and break the spell of victim-hood and living less than powerful.

We are more than just flesh and bone, but can shine our light to change the darkness!

I feel so grateful to read so much precious spiritual knowledge on your website. It seems that I am interested in almost everything you are teaching and feel like following your guidance. I even intend to work in your center so as to learn all those tools about knowing oneself. I feel deep connection with all the knowledge you've shared. I am also translating your astrological reading of moon. I hope to spread your shared mythical knowledge in China. Thank you so much. ~ Jan, Mainland China

New Year Special: 
Unleash your inborn Brilliance!

Would you like to: successful in your life and work? your real potential?
...find out how brilliant you truly are? a healthy and happy life?

The process of awakening your inborn brilliance and discover the uniqueness within will enable you  to  not only discover, but also live a much more satisfying life!  The inner “rebel’s voice” which is sometimes telling us that we are not living our potential, is real and want to be heard.
This incredible potential suppressed is leading to all kind of illness and deformation of body, mind and emotions!

If we learn again to listen, then we can start to recreate life and bring it back to the original chosen track which is far from only working for a paycheck!
There are methods to create abundance which are not linear!

Relax and enjoy the guidance through several exercises to  find and understand your true potential!

You will be able to transform the old ways of use and misuse to a form of creativity which will help you to recreate your life. Katharina will teach you a method of inspirative writing to dig deeper and reconnect with our inner genius to rejuvenate your whole being.

Our SPA also offers powerful treatments with Himalayan Crystal Salt and great natural and healing products. Allow yourself to be spoiled....

In both Retreats we will use:
Nada Yoga and Vitality Yoga
Crystal Singing Bowl’s Sound Bath
deep breathing
coaching for a new life
creative visualization
mental, emotional and physical detox and release
and not to forget our tasty and fresh vegetarian/vegan food
and the delicious green juices daily

In addition we offer our Spa Services:
Scrubs and massages
Herbal Steam bath
Himalayan Salt Water Floating Room and  heated Swimming pool
and much more .......

Created by Katharina Bless