Symbols on the Way Home

Are you ready for surprises??

If we let go of the old believes, we can find magic in the symbols ~ a way to liberate us because if we understand them properly, we can use them as allies to assist us in life.
This workshop is also a lot of fun!

In Greek language “symbalein” means “putting together” and the word “diabalein” means “tearing apart”. Here we can easily recognize the root from “Diabolo” and “Devil”! If the “tearing apart” was our  fall into the darkness, the “symbols” show the way back home to the light,to unity consciousness and how we put the things that we torn apart together again to be whole (holy) again.

This workshop includes many different element and we are looking into symbols from several traditions. 
We learn how to recognize the symbols again to remember who we are and find the way home. We don’t have to be lost, knowledge is power! This knowledge has not been taught and most of the symbols were distorted and replaced by signs. 

A sign is something that we give a meaning, a symbol has a meaning by itself, like for example symbols in dreams that are worldwide the same, no matter what language people speak!

One of the tools we use are the symbols of Aldebaran, the

Ingmar Symbols

Aldebaran is the Eye of the Taurus, the brightest star in this constellation.
They were received by the veterinarian Dr. Wolfgang Becvar in Austria. The whole material was transmitted in German language. I was introduced to them in 2002 by the Swiss/Indonesian Gong Master Piet Varkevisser whom I met in Perth, Australia.

Since the time I work with them, many “miracles” have happened.
The Ingmar symbols help us to manifest thing and help make life magical and more easy. We can avoid struggles if we accept the help from these symbols and the star beings that are connected to them, ready to help:
All we need is to ask!

It is very easy to work with them!
One little trick is to learn the pronunciation for the invocations, because Dr. Becvar has written every thing in German and often I experienced that people native of other languages (especially English) pronounce the names of the Symbols completely wrong.
To learn about the right pronounciation is an important part of the workshop. Luckily I was raised in a German language, so I can read them and pronounce them correctly. 

We can make a package on a piece of paper, formulating exactly what we want and then activate it, or if there is a health problem, we can draw the symbols directly on the body and invoke the power of the symbols.

The Aldebaran Star Gate has been activated in June 2012 and now the symbols are even more powerful and can guide us in this shift. It is very important to be creative, create the visions of our lives ourselves and are not just "sheep in a herd". Each of us has an individual path, chosen before this incarnation, and to lean how to manifest our life, so we don't give away our power.

Ingmar Symbols are a powerful way to learn again to move beyond the linear way of thinking and understanding that abundance has little to do with paper money which is just the game of some people who rule in the moment the planet. If we start to work with the tools of a higher hierarchy, we don’t need to play their game anymore.


is another tool that is often misused and misunderstood.

In fact, Tarot has nothing to do with fortune telling but more of a tool to understand where we are and what options or possibilities we have. The minor Arcane is connected to the rhythms and cycles of our daily life.

The pillars of the major Arcane show the path to initiation and are a guides and not predictions!

We will explore this topic during this workshop and you will be surprised what Taro really represents and how much help and understanding you can get out of it!

Ancient hidden Wisdom:

Tarot, the Secret Path to Initiation decodes the symbols of ancient wisdom and reveals the true, sacred meaning of Tarot.

The wisdom of the Sacred Initiation reflected in the Tarot, is far beyond the usual prediction and fortune telling stuff, but reveals the real secret behind it. It is now time to tear the veil and find and recognize the truth behind the distortion within the dark illusions of the last few millennia.

In ancient times, when the wise Masters knew, that we were moving into the Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, they had a council and did some last preparations before some of them left the planet for good and others decided to stay on and help the people and mother earth through time of darkness.
But there was one difficulty! How would people remember, recognize the right knowledge and find the way back to the wisdom after the long galactic night?
Some said, each of those who remain on earth should initiate one disciple before they die, some thought they should carve it into stone, some wanted to leave the wisdom in a book….

But disciples can die before their Master, books can be destroyed easily, and stones buried and lost! How could we pass on the knowledge about the way of initiation without loosing it???

Finally the wisest of all said: "We give the wisdom to the gambles and gypsies, we make a game out of it and leave the symbols in there, so when the time comes and the light shines again, when we move into the alignment with the light center and into the photon belt, the once initiated ones who will reincarnate, one day recognize the symbols and remember the ancient language of the sacred wisdom.

Does this little story "ring a bell"? Are you ready to remember?

As you can imagine now, this workshop is more than fascinating and fun, we learn how to use several tools with cards and other misunderstood oracles and methods to find out what is going on in our lives right now. In addition, they are shedding light in situations we don't understand and help us to be clear about decisions we have to make!

....we also can include the ancient wisdom of the Mayas in the beautiful wisdom of the

Mayan Oracle

In most of the oracles you can find the same sacred geometry and wisdom. All in all:
the truth is always the same, just hidden in different ways to make sure it survives and is her for us to recognize it in the time of awakening and the shift into the new world.

This colorful week at Soma Center will bring you many insights and useful knowledge for your daily life. Once you see and understand the language of symbols, nothing can be hidden anymore and every thing can be decoded! 

The three main oracle groups I work with are introduced and then the group has a choice in which kind of oracle they want to explore more deeply ~ Katharina is very flexible in this workshop to satisfy all the participants!

She will also introduce the symbols of Astrology, which are part of all symbols, but not teach Astrology in this workshop.

Part of the Oracle from Aldebaran is being integrated into the New Year Special Program:

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SkyView Astrology

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