with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Women Rising Revive Magic

Claiming MY Uniqueness, Creativity and Success

- preparing to manifest the life you always wanted
- clearing mental and emotional toxins
- removal of negative programs, agreements and implants
- rediscover how to manifest with symbols from Aldebaran
- Nada Yoga, Sound Bath and Art Expression
- Healing the ‘Catastrophobia’


The consciousness that we have “magic” within survived until about a thousand years ago and then the rational mind, backed by religion, killed in the most cruel ways the last rest of it! During the “witch hunt” millions of women and men were killed. Every thing was out of balance! The stories about Avalon (and other sacred sites) are still telling us more truth than most people believe.

“Magic” is all around is, it is the force itself that keeps us alive and experiencing our individual lives. Magic is a natural force and is in every living being, in every plant and stone. We can change things, but we always have to be responsible for the outcome of our creation in the positive and negative! All our thoughts create, but often unconscious, this is why so many people’s life is a mess. 

If we suppress our magic or creative force it, it will turn against us and manifests in all kind of negative events and often in illness. Life is not meant to be “normal”, meaning that every thing is happening within a fixed norm, but a free and creative adventure! Many have and still try to pamper with these forces to control others, but this will never work for the long term because this force is in every body!

Our will power is the center of all the life force and magic. With every focussed thought people create reality. The better they can visualize an outcome/goal and use the “emotional fuel” the to see and feel their goal clearly, the more likely it will happen.
Unfortunately people are much better in creating with negative emotions because their fear energy is stronger. They are so insecure and brainwashed that their fear is like a overlapping energy that covers all the positive. The emotional fuel of fear is very strong and attracts the feared outcome with great determination.

This little test with this picture can teach you how to shift your focus: come a bout 30cm close to the screen and let your eyes “blur” then you can see what’s in the 3D image:

If you let your eyes "blur" then you can see a 3 dimensional picture and find the Lady Of Peace inside
If you let your eyes "blur" then you can see a 3 dimensional picture and find the Lady Of Peace inside

This is an easy demonstration how we can shift our focus and literally "see" things different!! Just let go of the “norm-al” view ..... (-:

This retreat is designed to clear fear- and other sabotage  programs and will prepare you to use your life force and magic energy in different ways to create positive outcomes that you want to see. And there is a lot of humor in it too!

A very powerful energy started returning with the alignment with the Central Sun and the Galactic Center in 2012. Now we start to feel the effects and can see the dogmatic and fixated systems crumbling all around us. A last upheaval from the corrupted elite, a subtle earthquake on all levels will shift the energies and it’s time to remember your power, uniqueness and your magic!

To understand what is happening we have to look far beyond history (his story!) to find the roots of the civilization that lived before the big catastrophes starting when the planet was hit by fragments of a super nova and Kingdu and the moon of the destroyed planet Tiamat, which now is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Before that time there was a very stable and harmonious society and moderate climate for millions of years with a vertical earth axis aligned to the galactic center. But at one point some beings started to come to the earth who brought ‘evil’ with them wanted to conquer and control. This energy of war, violence and misuse brought imbalance to the planet and it started to manifest! A very difficult time started with cataclysms and after the axis tilted 23½˚ and every thing changed drastically. Throughout the ~ 6000 years after the cataclysm,  the earth was “wobbling” and the tectonic plates shifted, the sky and the climate changed and the sun didn’t rise the same way any more and the survivors were deeply wounded and became more and more fearful.

The Dragonfly represents wisdome, beauty and change, tranformation and adaptility
The Dragonfly represents wisdome, beauty and change, tranformation and adaptility

In this retreat, Katharina will guide you to find your inborn magic and also activate your Higher Mind, the reconnection with the intelligence beyond the normal brain functions. The normal brain is programmed into a believe system that keeps people under control and indicate that they are sinners, not good enough and never will be, don’t have enough, enough time, resources, love and most important: that they are powerless.

We will activate the Core Star to awaken the Creator energy within. We all have this center, but most people don’t know about it. Then we heal the feminine within to activate more DNA, including a lot of what science call “Junk DNA”. Once this is active, it allows us to revive our magic abilities and become powerful, remembering our true divine heritage as Creators and Living Goddesses working in harmony with Mother Gaia.

Every day we use sound meditation, active and passive, crystal sound, symphonic Chiron gong bath, chanting and drumming and working with symbols to awaken ancient memories.  

In addition, we use Mandalas as expression of our work and visualization methods to learn to “see” into other dimensions and support the process with the Flower Essences that we made here.

The Secret of the Abundance Box

Part of this retreats also includes the "Secret of the Abundance Box" and teaches you a method with which it is relatively easy to create the life that you always wanted. Connected to the rhythm of our life and the rhythm of the earth, we learn when its time to "plant" and to harvest and how to use the cycle of the moon in a more powerful way. 

Please check out the "Butterfly" retreat, the two will be married together.

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Katharina Bless