with Katharina Bless

with Katharina Bless


Workshop Overview

Flower Healing Power (Practitioner)

Bach- and Asian Flower Essences 
are the most subtle and powerful healing energies you can imagine. Already to receive the message from Flower Essences has a healing effect because illness is created from false programs and dogmas in our mind  and suppressed existential needs.

We experience so many times that conventional medicine is not working and the symptoms are not going away. This subtle method is very powerful since it's not primarily working on the level of the physical body but sends a message to the subtle body.


The experience to create my own flower essences was profound and sacred. To learn how to communicate with the "soul" of flowers and their message was something I could not have imagined before that I could do. The beauty of this kind of "healing" is beyond words that I can describe it. It's an experience, a deep reconnection with the root of our being here on Mother Earth.

Now I understand why physical medicine is limited, you never can solve a problem if you don't include the whole and find the root. This workshop is a life changing experience!

K.G. Switzerland

Thanks for your creating such a wonderful heaven on earth and divine experience for us ~ Stanley K.

Nada Yoga ~ Crystal Sound and Music Therapy

and the magnificent symbols of the Star Aldebaran

It is time again to co-create a new a journey! This year will be special if we rediscover our creative and healing abilities! The sound of the Crystal bowls is one of the most powerful healer since we don’t need many words and the language of music and sound is international.

....This music is so delicate so "petite" and yet so powerful.... .The most important thing is the energy behind it.  As you know, I am very sensitive to various energies and this is so potently stabilising. I could not believe that a simple crystal bowl could have so much expression and power.  Wow what a feast!
....This was confirmed when I heard your sounds, the mosaic of energies and messages behind each composition.  The reason why people literally reboot when they come to you is because they receive direct messages and data which repair their consciousness.  (A.W. Australia)

Mandala ~ Mirror of the Soul 

Creativity is our most powerful asset we have to co-create our lives. Kitha will introduce you to the "The Art of multidimensional Mandalas". A mandala is the gate to the soul and can be read. It is a key to the unique creativity and expression of a person.

In this fascinating journey of Self discovery, the potential within you becomes visible to be put into form and manifestation.

In this retreat you will create your personal Logo and Meditation Mandala to take home.

Testimonial: I was expecting kind of a drawing class and was totally surprised how deep the Mandalas could touch me and eventually change my life! The Singing Crystal Bowls helped tremendously to go so deep and enjoy a new state of consciousness. Mandalas are still in my life every day and I treasure the memory of this very special workshop.   B.K.S.

7 day Mental,Emotional and Physical Detox

Relaxation ~ Recuperation ~ Rejuvenation ~ Re-Creation

Did you ever ask yourself, why more and more people are having a weakened immune system, suffer from allergies, skin-problems, depression, lack of vitality, chronic diseases, fatigue and much more? This program can give you the answer!

Testimonial: It is interesting that when I got back here, I have talked to 3 people already about the meaning and purpose of our lives and spirituality - seems like consciousness is changing, and as you mentioned before, I have a feeling that the old system/beliefs that no longer work will fall and crash to make way for the new to come. I think people are feeling more "uncomfortable" or bored of their lives, as they are not aligned with their purpose yet and have not found out what that purpose is/what their passion is. It is interesting to note these changes. As for me, I do feel like that I can no longer tolerate this system of the company that I've been working in - as the system is inefficient and slow and does not make sense to me anymore.....  I am repeating the affirmation that you told me - I surrender to the goddess within (somehow I called it "guiddess") to guide and protect me, and will see what will unfold in the next few weeks   ~ T. H. HK

Rainbow Qi ~ Colour Therapy

The healing energies of colours are powerful and international - no language needed! Every one can easily feel and understand the colours of the rainbow, they are found every where! Color is around us all the time! The subtle healing with colour and sound rejuvenates on all levels. It is possible with these subtle frequencies to reverse destructive processes in body, mind and soul. It is easy to use in daily life and gives you back vitality and joy. It's a different kind of detox and healing which lasts.

Testimonial: Our detox retreat at Soma Retreat Center was not like your regular physical detox--though the food we had was incredibly "clean" and nutritious. Daily sound healing, along with guided visualizations, homeopathic remedies and "mandala" drawings, a form of art therapy, created an environment for us to go deep into old patterns and release them. I've done quite a few retreats and detoxes in my life, and this was by far the most transformational on a mental/emotional level. I'm not normally a subscriber to the New Age philosophy, but was open to something new and I was totally surprised by the powerful results. One of the main components of the experience was the warmth of such a lovely group and the deep wisdom of Katharina. Also the land is very peaceful. In all I would highly recommend this to anyone ready to take a major leap in their life.  ~  Kim R.  USA

Butterfly Retreat ~ Women Rising

(including the "Secret of the Abundance Box")

It’s time for a new life! We all are in a state of transformation and this retreat will help you to accelerate and complete the process to move into a new dimension of being-ness. There is disclosure all over in the world and this gives us the chance to understand on a deeper and level, "below" the program and norm, who we are.

“Magic” is all around is, it is the force itself that keeps us alive and experiencing our individual lives. Magic is a natural force and is in every living being, all our thoughts create, but often unconscious, this is why so many people’s life is a mess. We will include the "Secret of the Abundance Box" in this process to manifest more effectively!

Testimonial: I also wanted to share with you the success I had with the Abundance Box. I got a better box as you suggested and went thru the whole process. I was away in Delhi during the full moon but came back on the 12th . I opened it on the 13th. 4 out of 7 wishes were fulfilled !! I was so happy !! I'm getting ready with my new list for creation for Wednesday.  Thank you Katharina, I feel a lot more connected and trusting in the universal source. ~ Monica M.

each workshop is unique and every one receives exactly what they were looking for
each workshop is unique and every one receives exactly what they were looking for
Katharina Bless